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Glass and
Porcelain Slabs

Massive Scale
Enormous Impact


What are porcelain slabs?

Porcelain slabs are super large-format porcelain tiles (panels) that are used to create stunning walls and floors at a fraction of the cost associated with buying and installing natural stone slabs. They are manufactured from the same raw materials used to make porcelain floor tiles.


The most significant difference is the immense size and scale of porcelain slabs. Common sizes include 4’ x 9’ and 5’ x 10’.


The comprehensive variety of marble looks, organic textures, colors and styles includes dynamic florals, jungle scenes, contemporary artworks, sea creatures and coral reefs. There are designs and colors to complement any interior or architectural style.


What are glass slabs?

Glass slabs are similar to large-format porcelain slabs, except they are made of glass. They are used in much the same way that porcelain slabs are used, with one additional feature. Glass slabs can be made in translucent versions - think back lit shower walls, backsplashes, fireplace walls, bar backs and ceilings.

How are porcelain and glass slabs used ?

Porcelain and glass slabs are alternatives to natural marble or 
quartz slabs. Both are ideal for new installations and remodeling

They’re commonly used to create bold accents on feature walls, 
fireplaces, showers and backsplashes.

Glass slabs are used in very much the same way. Due to 
translucency, glass slabs can also function as doors and window 

Both are suitable for interior and exterior design projects, including some flooring and countertops.


You can create elegant installations that are nearly seamless. Grout joints are drastically minimized.


Other uses include:

• Tub surrounds

• Kitchen backsplashes

• Bathroom backsplashes

• Vanity walls

• Powder Room walls

• BBQ backsplashes

What are some of the benefits of using porcelain and glass slabs?

  • Mimics natural stone at a fraction of the cost

  • Provides seamless look, minimizes grout joints

  • Countless colors and styles

  • No sealing required

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Impervious to germs and bacteria

  • Stain resistant, easy to clean

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