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Magna-Trap Single Disc Grinder Electric 1.5HP 115/230 V​

  • The need for wooden wedges goes away with Magna–Trap

  • Slide-On Tooling​ Leveling System Hand Wheel adjusts the machines height, uses a wide range of accessories, and truly grinds level. Level grinding is quicker, smoother, easier on the operator, and increases accessory life.​

  • Heavy-duty Velcro Dust Shroud makes dust prevention easier. Simply readjust the shroud according to the height of the accessory being used.​

  • Bolted-on weight tray helps the machine work. Use when needed​

  • Multi-Vac port for use with 2 or 3 vacuum hose​
    11 working width will grind approximately 200-250 sq.ft. per hour at 1/32 with Magna-Trap Dyma-Dots​

  • Electric machine plugs into dedicated residential wall outlets​

  • Vortex 200 Vacuum System suppresses all the dust created by Grinders (rented separately)​

  • Weight 188 lbs

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