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Tile, Tropical Style!

Updated: Apr 3

Here’s a fun trend that’s taken hold on the Space Coast; tropical print tiles. The key to using these bold tiles effectively is “don’t go over-board”. A little bit goes a long way. These leafy patterned tiles are perfect focal points for backsplashes, borders and feature walls in kitchens, bathrooms, showers and outdoor living spaces.

Take a look at how some of your neighbors in Brevard County are using these cheerful tiles to brighten their spaces.


This Merrit Island homeowner deftly coordinated her cabinetry, countertop and accessories with just enough of “Jungle Ivory”; a 13 x 40 wall tile featuring palmetto fronds and philodendron leaves in a neutral, natural color palette. The brick tile above the upper cabinets is reclaimed authentic Chicago brick with a white-wash finish. This outdoor kitchen was installed in early 2022.

The Jungle Series is available in two colors; Ivory seen above in the Merritt Island Cabana Kitchen and Ice the bold version in aquas and leafy greens. The 13x40 field tile (solid colors) include a frosty white and a warm bisque that coordinate beautifully with the lively foliage patterns. Here it’s used as a wainscot in a master bathroom.

Here, Jungle Ivory is used as a dynamic focal point in an upstairs master suite.

The wall opposite the shower features Jungle Ivory above the 13x40 Ivory field tile.

2. MERRITT ISLAND Cabana Shower

After finding vintage palm tree

artwork the owner loved, these tile murals were custom produced using the botanical print that dated to the early 1900’s.

The wall field tile is

honed 6x6 Durango limestone tile, quarried in Mexico. Durango limestone moldings frame the classic

coconut palm and African oil palm

images. The shower floor is 4x4

honed Durango limestone tiles.

3. COCOA BEACH Guest Suite

Just a hint of tropical shines through in this subtle version of foliage in white and taupe. This guest bath in Cocoa Beach was completed in 2021.

It’s a great option for those that prefer muted, neutral color palettes, but crave a touch of rainforest vibe.

Tropic is an 18” x 48” wall tile; available in white, copper and anthracite.


Nothing but theatre here in this Merritt Island wet room! The Amazon rain forest comes to life in porcelain tiles. 13x13 porcelain hexagon tiles and 6x6 tiles were skillfully blended and coordinated by the homeowners in this one-of-a-kind guest bathroom.

Tile from floor to ceiling in an amazing array of patterns and shapes all inspired by the Brazilian rainforest. These are durable porcelain tiles designed for floor installations; however the clients carried the drama up the walls.

In this project, obviously more is more and the stunning result speaks for itself. Bold, original and creative use of tropical themed tile floors and walls.


A soothing palette of soft dove grey, tan and white features delicate Areca Palm fronds. This “work-in-progress” guest suite in a riverside condo combines two popular trends; tropical leaf print 10 x 30 wall tiles and hexagon tile on the shower floor and back of niche. White, solid color field tile on the two side walls of the shower focus the attention of the leafy back wall.

6. HIBISCUS Porcelain Slabs

This showstopper feature wall combines two current trends; tropical style and a large format porcelain slabs.

While it looks like this might be wallpaper, it’s not! These waterproof porcelain slabs measure 4’ x 9’.

The entire tropical theme mural is composed of three 4’ x 9’ porcelain slabs.

Think about other possible applications; indoor and outdoor showers, BBQ backsplash and fireplace walls.


An opulent array of tropical foliage, florals and feathers normally found in fabrics and wallpaper is now available in large format 24x48 porcelain tile. This unique tile can be used on floors and walls. It’s available in two background colors; Avio, a pale aqua and bianco.

8. TOUCAN TROPICS Porcelain Slabs

Yes, this is porcelain tile!

Toucan Tropics is a 3 piece set of porcelain slabs featuring palms, monkey, lemur and a toucan. Because it’s porcelain, it can be used in showers and exterior living spaces.

Here it functions as a dramatic backdrop in a bedroom. Each panel is approximately 4.5’ x 9’

In follow up, we see even more tropical theme tile collections coming soon!


24x48 Rectified Porcelain

Floors and Wall

FLORAL EMPIRE 6x6 Porcelain Floors and Wall applications 12 decorative tiles with three solid color field tiles


Porcelain Slabs Porcelain slab 4.5’ x 9’

Three piece mural

Showers, fireplace, feature walls

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