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All the Finishing Details You'll Need For Your Tile Installation Projects


Trim By Progress Profiles

These anodized aluminum metal finishing strips are designed to protect and finish the edges of wall tile and floor tile.


Multiple textures, colors and finishes allow you to coordinate trim with wall tile and floor tile transitions in showers,
on wall tile applications and in tile floor

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Shower Baskets And Shelves

Numerous options in stainless steel, ceramic, marble and quartz that help keep your shower organized and tidy, without compromising your shower’s Satin Anodized Nickel Jolly Trim Chrome Shower Floor Cove Trim waterproofing system. You can match metal finishes with your plumbing fixtures. Use marble corner shelves as a foor prop to leg shaving. Ceramic soap dishes wrangle in your bathing products.

Shower Curbs And Window Sills

Travertine, marble and quartz sills are used for shower curbs, window sills, knee wall caps and shampoo niche shelving. They are available up to 74” long and in various widths. Your contractor
can cut them to suit your needs. Solid surface sills are practical and easy to clean. The result is a professional and tailored, custom look.

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